Hydrogen Solutions

Infinitely available and potentially green, hydrogen comprises an ever-growing share of the world’s energy mix. The barrier has always been the cost of delivering green hydrogen made from renewable energy.

Our Danish partner, Green Hydrogen Systems (GHS), has solved the code. In partnership with GHS, Liquiline supplies complete solutions for small scale production of green hydrogen to Norwegian customers and international maritime sector. Our offering includes technology for hydrogen electrolysis, compression and liquefaction, storage and bunkering. Operational and maintenance services will be offering by our parent company Hydrogen Solutions (HYDS).

Our two product lines, the HyProvide™ A30–A90 alkaline electrolysers and the HyProvide™ P1 PEM electrolyser, supply from just a few kW to over 20 MW of green hydrogen, at the market’s lowest price per kilogram and at cost parity with brown, grey and blue hydrogen. Locally produced hydrogen opens the market for creation of complete local hydrogen ecosystems – today.

Liquiline is ready to deliver hydrogen technology focusing on small and mid-scale plants for local produced green hydrogen.