From LNG to Green Hydrogen
Hydrogen is a vital part of our future energy mix
We are making local hydrogen available today

Technology provider for production of green hydrogen

Liquiline supplies complete technology solutions for small scale production of green hydrogen to Norwegian customers and the international maritime industry. Partnered up with GHS, we have access to the best standarized and modular alcaline electrolysis technology available today. The solutions can produce at any volume, from just a few hundred kW to the multi-MW scale, at the lowest levelized cost of hydrogen.

Hydrogen solutions

Infinitely available and potentially green, hydrogen comprises an ever-growing share of the world’s energy mix. The barrier has always been the cost of delivering green hydrogen made from renewable energy. Our technology partner, Green Hydrogen Systems, has solved the code.Our goal is to deliver the safest, cost-efficient and the most operationally optimized technology for production of green hydrogen.

LNG solutions

Since 2005, Liquiline has built a strong track-record of supplying products and technical services in the cryogenic space with top tier customers delivering complex solutions for LNG terminals, storage, distribution and bunkering.We will still have LNG solutions in our portfolio as part of the green transition. However, in accordance with the Paris Agreement and UNs Substainable Development Goals, we have decided to use our cryogenic background to focusing on zero emission solutions based on green hydrogen.


The HyProvide™ A-Series is the most efficient alkaline electrolyzer available today. Designed to accommodate the input fluctuations that often come with renewable energy sources, the A-Series insures consistently high output while minimizing power consumption.


On-site production is integral to our concept. It minimizes the cost of green hydrogen by removing transportation from the equation, and it gives those in need of hydrogen energy independence regardless of location. Our units fit easily into a standard container – or less space if required.


As the only standardized, modular electrolyzer on the market, the A-Series lets you cluster units to scale from 15 Nm3/1.4 kg to over 3330 Nm3/300 kg of hydrogen per hour . When clustering, our control system enables you to control units individually or together as a group for ultimate flexibility.

Liquiline is growing fast, so if you want to join Norway’s newest cleantech star, send us your unsolicited application or reply to the job listings on our Careers page. We are always on the outlook for talent!

Hydrogen applications

Who We serve


Based on our long experience as a leading specialist within LNG and infrastructure provider for the shipping industry, we will use our cryogenic knowledge to focus on efficient and safe solutions for bunkering of hydrogen powered ships. As part of this business we have established a close cooperation with leading companies in the field, for example LMG Marin which we also share office facilities with.
Photo: SKL AS

Hydroelectric power

Our scalable solutions and experience from the hydroelectric power business, makes this sector especially interesting for us. Trough hydrogen, many projects with locked-in power and poor power line capasity, can be realized. We are today working with several projects within the small-scale hydroelectric power business in Norway.

Fish farming

Based on the need of cleaner fish farm industry, we see hydrogen as particulary interresting to replace todays fossile solutions. This industry also requires large volume of oxygen, that we get as a bi-product from the electrolyzer process.


In Power-to-X applications, our electrolyzers produce hydrogen for direct injection into the natural gas grid, or for combining with biogas and CO2 to produce clean methane or methanol. Our Power2Met system, for example, is a 10–30 MW turnkey solution for upgrading biogas CO2 to green methane.